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  • Problems after the last Apple iOS update?

    Some Mobile ID users report problems with Mobile ID after updating to iOS12. If you are also experiencing problems, please proceed as follows: Activate the flight mode of your iPhone for about 15 seconds and then deactivate it again. Then Mobile ID should work as usual.

  • Do you need a new SIM card?

    Mobile ID is compatible with the latest SIM card version. If you have an outdated SIM card, you can order a new one here:

  • Have you forgotten your PIN?

    If you have forgotten your Mobile ID PIN or have changed your SIM card, you will need a new PIN.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

frequently asked questions

  • Mobile ID is a digital identity on your mobile device for secure authentication (login) for various applications and portals.

  • We make Mobile ID available to you free of charge. In some cases, however, some service providers (e.g. online portals to which you log in with Mobile ID) may charge a fee to use Mobile ID. If this is the case, the provider will state this on its website.

  • Mobile ID is a secure authentication method. It is based on certificates in which the SIM serves as a carrier for the confidential key material. The two factors of possession (cellular telephone and SIM) and knowledge (Mobile ID PIN) guarantee a high level of security.

  • Only you set your Mobile ID PIN on activation. The Mobile ID PIN is stored exclusively on the SIM and is not known to us. The Mobile ID PIN is a 6-digit number and is not the same as your previous SIM PIN.

  • There is no PUK for Mobile ID. The PIN can be easily reset on the Selfcare Portal. Once reset, you will receive a new Mobile ID. You will then have to re- register your new Mobile ID for all applications.

  • No, Mobile ID works with the latest generation of SIM cards and does not require any installation of software on the mobile device.

  • The PIN can be easily reset on the Selfcare Portal. Once reset, you will receive a new Mobile ID. You will then have to re- register your new Mobile ID for all applications.

  • Mobile ID requires a latest generation SIM. Mobile ID-compatible SIMs can be ordered for free from most mobile network providers.

  • By activating, the key material on the SIM is created and you set your personal Mobile ID PIN.

  • Your Mobile ID only contains one attribute, a unique serial number. No personal data is stored in the certificate or made accessible anywhere else.

  • Mobile ID can be used in any country that supports SMS roaming. Mobile ID registration and use is free of charge for all cellular telephone customers of Mobile ID providers.

  • No. The use of Mobile ID abroad does not lead to any additional costs for you. No roaming fees are charged for using Mobile ID abroad.

  • Mobile ID is stored on a SIM, not on a cellular telephone. If you insert the SIM into a new cellular telephone, you automatically transfer Mobile ID as well.

  • Mobile ID is supported by all current devices and mobile operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Phone or Symbian.

  • Mobile ID contains an application on the SIM that, when used, communicates via encrypted SMS with the Mobile ID service. Certain manufacturers have built an alert message into the telephone when this happens. This alert message cannot be deactivated. On some cellular telephones, sending of the text may have to be confirmed.

  • Certain aftermar Mobile ID usually functions without any problems with cellular telephones that are manufactured to support two SIMs.

  • A timeout has occurred during activation of the Mobile ID function. Please restart activation.

  • We recommend you use Mobile ID on a cellular telephone. Tablets often do not support the receiving of SMS, which prevents activation or use of Mobile ID. The field to enter the Mobile ID PIN By quickly double tapping on the text (e.g. "Authenticate with your Mobile ID PIN") and then on the entry field, the keyboard reappears. Another solution: Close PIN entry and start a second login immediately afterwards. The problem should not occur again on the second attempt.

  • Solution: Mobile ID has crashed on your phone. Restarting the device will correct this error.

  • Swisscom has reported this error to Apple and this bug will be fixed with a future software release by Apple. A short term solution to this problem is to change the orientation of the phone from portrait to landscape orientation, i. e. to rotate the phone accordingly. If the screen rotation is blocked, you can find out how to disable it on Apple's website.