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Become a partner

Become a partner

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Partner model

We believe in strong partnerships and long-term relationships. This is why we are looking for partners who understand the full potential that integrating our services offers when it comes to meeting their customers’ needs. In addition to the usual benefits of a partner model, we provide expertise and investment in order to grow together in this rapidly developing market.

  • Your Story

    Your use cases are the cornerstone of our relationship with you. Customers are looking for solutions to their problems. If our service is able to enhance your products and services and make your customers happy, we need to talk about it.

  • Your Solution

    You and your business are the top priority. We integrate the technology into your back-end system to enhance your existing and future services. Everything you need from a complete solution: from the technology to the audit. Working with us couldn’t be simpler.

  • Customer Network

    Do you have a solution that integrates our service, but still require customers? We provide access to our network of customers through our partner model.

  • Go-to-Market expertise

    Reach a wider audience or present your solution on the international stage. We can help you optimize your go-to-market strategy through our partner model.

Other partner models

Are you interested in reselling or working as an integration partner and helping us bring customers rapidly up to speed on our solutions? If so, get in touch. We have various partner models that could be right for you.

  • The ecosystem

    Our partner model goes beyond Mobile ID alone. In addition to the benefits provided by Mobile ID, you are entering a rapidly evolving market where digital verification, electronic ID and digital signatures are the key focus. We help you navigate this new environment and, where appropriate, take advantage of a wider range of new technologies and services.

  • Key

    When transferring sensitive data or concluding an important business deal, maximum security and ease of use are critical. As a KEY, Mobile ID does both – and it is based on one of the most secure two-factor authentication solutions available on the market.

  • ID

    An eID is designed to ensure secure identification online. The ability to securely prove your identity online opens up a world of new web-based opportunities. From conducting official business and using health care services to concluding contracts in combination with a digital signature or buying a mobile subscription – eID can be used for a range of transactions.

  • Signature

    An electronic signature allows you to provide a legally binding online signature. This is a core aspect of digitization and enables all manner of contracts to be concluded. There’s no need to print anything out, send letters or scan documents – an electronic signature keeps everything digital.

Clients who trust us

«Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour.»


«Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour. It allows logging in to e-banking (E-Finance) from PostFinance regardless of location and time, which meets a major customer requirement in the increasing mobility of our times.

Secure, easy and always with you on your mobile phone – Mobile ID is an innovative authentication solution that fits our service concept extremely well and meets the highest security requirements. We owe this to our 1.5 million E-Finance customers.

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  • ajila
  • ZH Services
  • Swisscom
  • GSMA
  • KPMG
  • Zühlke
  • Ergon
  • Dialog
  • abacus
  • daura
  • privasphere
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