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Connect your E-Finance with Mobile ID

1. Order your Mobile ID Ready SIM card

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2. Activate Mobile ID on your SIM card.

3. Connect your E-Finance with Mobile ID

Once you have activated the Mobile ID-compatible SIM card with your mobile provider and defined your Mobile ID PIN, Mobile ID must be registered once with the card reader and PostFinance ID. In order to do that, please follow this steps:

  1. Go to the e-finance login page at
  2. Click on PostFinance ID.
  3. Log in with your e-finance number, password and card reader. A user identification, if available, must also be entered.
  1. After logging in, move the mouse over your username in the top-right hand corner and select “Settings and services”.
  1. Select “Register Mobile ID” in the “Login” section.
  1. Enter your telephone number, select the reference account and accept the Subscriber Conditions.
  1. This page informs you that your registration request has been sent to the relevant number.
  1. You will receive the registration authentication request on your mobile phone.
  2. Confirm the registration request.
  1. Enter your Mobile ID PIN .and press “Send”.
  2. This completes the registration and you can now use Mobile ID with e-finance.

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