Secure and convenient: Log in with Mobile ID

Do you want to log in to websites and portals securely but without the complicated procedure? Swiss cellular telephone providers have developed Mobile ID for this. Our process is quick, simple and offers the highest level of protection.

Mobile ID is a free 2 step authentication system

Activate Mobile ID

It takes less than a minute.

Mobile ID is a free 2 step authentication system

Why Mobile ID is worth it:

The benefits to you

  • 1


    Mobile ID is the common solution of Swiss cellular telephone providers. It is the simplest and most secure method of logging in to all websites. Mobile ID works without additional software and your password is not stored on any server. You only need to activate once and then you can use Mobile ID.

  • 2-secure


    Mobile ID combines physical and digital protection. It is one of the most secure two-factor authentications in the world. You set a Mobile ID PIN that is stored exclusively on your SIM card. Your data is therefore secured using two factors: by possessing your smartphone and the PIN that only you know.

  • 3-convenient


    Log in without additional auxiliary devices. Thanks to Mobile ID, you only need your smartphone. With just one number, you have access to your private and business accounts.

  • 1. You activate Mobile ID on your SIM card.

  • 2. You log in to websites and apps securely.

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  • 3. The web has become more secure and convenient for you.

The benefits to you

  • Simple

    Log in anywhere quickly and easily using Mobile ID.

  • Secure

    Thanks to a PIN code and access to your smartphone, your login is doubly protected.

  • Convenient

    No more additional devices: Mobile ID functions via smartphone

One ID for many purposes

Whether for business or personal use: Mobile ID always protects your customers wherever they log in.

  • android
  • apple
  • windows
  • blackberry

Mobile ID supports all popular devices and operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Phone or Symbian. Because your code is stored on your SIM card, you can change your device at any time.

Can we help?

  • Do you need a new SIM card?

    Mobile ID is compatible with the latest SIM card version. If you have an outdated SIM card, you can order a new one here:

  • Have you forgotten your PIN?

    If you have forgotten your Mobile ID PIN or have changed your SIM card, you will need a new PIN.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Where can I use Mobile ID?

Services already accepting Mobile ID as your easy authentication.

Log in to a whole host of websites, apps or tools and services with Mobile ID – and always in the same way. The list of providers and portals is constantly growing:

  • Group

    Company applications

    • Remote Desktop
    • VPN
    • B2B Portals
    • CRM / ERP Systems
    • Intranet Applications
    • Etc.
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    Client portals

    • E-Banking
    • E-Health
    • E-Shopping
    • Web Portals
    • Mobile Apps
    • Cloud Services
    • Extranet-Applications
    • Etc.
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    Government portals

    • E-Government
    • Citizen Portals

PostFinance is also supporting Mobile ID for free now!

Post Finance

Connect your E-Finance with Mobile ID

1. Order your Mobile ID Ready SIM card

Order Now

2. Activate Mobile ID on your SIM card.

3. Connect your E-Finance with Mobile ID

Once you have activated the Mobile ID-compatible SIM card with your mobile provider and defined your Mobile ID PIN, Mobile ID must be registered once with the card reader and PostFinance ID. In order to do that, please follow this steps:

  1. Go to the e-finance login page at
  2. Click on PostFinance ID.
  3. Log in with your e-finance number, password and card reader. A user identification, if available, must also be entered.
  1. After logging in, move the mouse over your username in the top-right hand corner and select “Settings and services”.
  1. Select “Register Mobile ID” in the “Login” section.
  1. Enter your telephone number, select the reference account and accept the Subscriber Conditions.
  1. This page informs you that your registration request has been sent to the relevant number.
  1. You will receive the registration authentication request on your mobile phone.
  2. Confirm the registration request.
  1. Enter your Mobile ID PIN .and press “Send”.
  2. This completes the registration and you can now use Mobile ID with e-finance.

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