Secure, convenient and practical – Mobile ID

Activate Mobile ID

It takes less than a minute.

100% Free

Activate Mobile ID

It takes less than a minute.

100% Free

Use Mobile ID to:

Go to the login window
Select ‘Login with Mobile ID’
Enter your Mobile ID PIN on your mobile phone
Use your signature platform solution to create your document.
Click the button ‘Sign with Mobile ID’
Enter your Mobile ID PIN to add your digital signature
Receive a request for verification directly as a Mobile ID request
Accept or decline the request
Confirm your decision with your Mobile ID PIN

The benefits to you

    • Unified

      Mobile ID is the common solution of Swiss cellular telephone providers. It is the simplest and most secure method of logging in to all participating websites.

    • Secure

      Mobile ID unites physical and digital protection. It is one of the world’s most secure two-phase authentication processes.

    • Convenient

      Log in without additional auxiliary devices. Thanks to Mobile ID, you only need your smartphone. With just one number, you have access to your private and business accounts.

    • Device indepent

      Mobile ID supports all popular devices and operating systems such as Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Phone or Symbian. Because your code is stored on your SIM card, you can change your device at any time.

How to get started with Mobile ID

1. Activate Mobile ID on your SIM card.
2. Pair Mobile ID with the desired service
3. The web has become more secure and convenient for you.
One ID

One ID for many purposes

Whether for business or pleasure, you can use Mobile ID to provide digital signatures, log in to accounts and authenticate requests

Where can I use Mobile ID?

The digital login, signature and verification service lets you benefit from a wide range of websites, apps, tools and services – and the process is the same each time. The list of providers and portals is growing all the time:

  • Company

    • Remote Desktop
    • VPN
    • B2B Portals
    • CRM / ERP Systems
    • Intranet Applications
  • Client

    • E-Banking
    • E-Health
    • E-Shopping
    • Web Portals
    • Mobile Apps
    • Cloud Services
    • Extranet-Applications
  • Government

    • E-Government
    • Citizen Portals
    ZH Services



Access your e-finance services through Mobile ID. You can now log in easily and securely with Mobile ID instead of your card reader.


The wait has paid off. Salt customers can now use Mobile ID with immediate effect. All major Swiss mobile network operators now support Mobile ID.