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  • «Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour. It allows logging in to e-banking (E-Finance) from PostFinance regardless of location and time, which meets a major customer requirement in the increasing mobility of our times. Secure, easy and always with you on your mobile phone – Mobile ID is an innovative authentication solution that fits our service concept extremely well and meets the highest security requirements. We owe this to our 1.5 million E-Finance customers.»
  • ajila Logo
  • «Ajila specializes in the development and implementation of form-based, media discontinuity-free processes. With the inclusion of Mobile ID, complete, legally binding digital business transactions can be implemented.
    Mobile ID is practical and easy to use - e. g. for legally valid digital signatures of contracts. With this strong user identification, Ajila replaces the wet signature on paper with the digital signature. Anyone with a CH-Mobile-No. can use their mobile phone to "sign" directly and without any identification effort and conclude a deal digitally.

    Many manual work steps such as printing, data capture, signing, scanning or extracting data are no longer necessary and are optimized by a rapid digital process involving Mobile ID.»
  • GSMA Logo
  • «Mobile ID permits strong authentication with mobile devices and the necessary ease of use and security. Thanks to user self-registration, the costs for roll-out are minimal, and thanks to intuitive operation, user acceptance is optimum.»
  • GSMA Logo
  • «The mobile industry plays a central role in ensuring end-users have identity and authentication solutions that enable convenient and trusted access to services across a wide range of businesses and security requirements. Swisscom’s Mobile ID solution demonstrates a unique approach to meeting the needs of Switzerland’s highly security conscious business community. Swisscom and the GSMA have collaborated to produce this case study revealing the important lessons learnt as Swisscom adopts and explores new trusted roles within the evolving digital economy.»
  • KPMG Logo
  • «KPMG considers the currently developed Mobile ID service of Swisscom as a future-oriented and promising technology. The Mobile ID has the chances to make available the advantages of digital identities (certificates) to a vast majority of users, since neither additional hardware is required nor users have to bother about software updates. A Mobile ID offers a well-balanced ratio in terms of security, ease-of-use, portability and extensibility, and the security level of a Mobile ID is comparable to a solution based on smartcards.»
  • Zühlke Logo
  • «Thanks to Mobile ID, simple access via secure two-factor authentication is now a possibility in Switzerland. At Zühlke, this technology is used as standard for various web applications. Thanks to Mobile ID integration, we can respond quickly and ensure the required quality – even for business solutions in which security plays a crucial role, such as in the banking sector.»
  • Ergon Logo
  • «Mobile ID is currently one of few solutions that permit strong authentication and other security-critical applications such as transaction signing securely and with a single device. This increases user-friendliness and flexibility, especially for mobile applications such as mobile banking.»
  • Dialog Logo
  • «Thanks to Mobile ID we can give our customers greater flexibility and provide them with security at a low cost. Increasingly, members of public authorities communicate with their administrative offices electronically. Office holders generally undertake their work on a part-time basis and here mobility and flexibility regarding the time they can access the systems is decisive for efficient collaboration. Our newly created eGovernment solution for public bodies allows authentication of those responsible via Mobile ID. With this, we provide public bodies with a very simple and intuitive portal solution, including secure authentication that is very user friendly.»